Located in Dongguan city, which is famous as a global manufacturing center, HYOE engages in the manufacturing of passive fiber optic products, including Optical Fiber Cables, Optical Fiber Connectors, Optical Fiber Adapters, Optical Fiber Attenuators, Optical Fiber Splitters and Fiber Optic Patch Cables. Those products are widely used in telecommunications, data transmissions, optical fiber test equipment as well as network fields.


HYOE has a powerful and professional team consisting of manufacturing, R & D, marketing and logistic department. Putting customers first is our creed. And we strive to provide a portfolio of quality service and products at competitive prices, and with quick delivery. That's why we have won high reputation and established strong relationships with our customers and partners.


HYOE focuses on creating value for each and every person involved with what we do. From customers to suppliers, co-workers to families, and everyone in between, we try our best to ensure we make a positive impact on everyone.